Bumpy is powered by two strong women – Elin and Andrea.

About Us

Everything started with the feeling of loneliness while going through our own fertility challenges and how it negatively impacted our daily lives. This combined with the technology gap and lack of support available made us found Bumpy.

We still live in a society that designates value to people by their reproductive capabilities. Fertility is a sensitive and personal topic. It can bring joy and extraordinary moments, but it can also feel isolating and take its physical and mental toll. The latter is especially challenged by living in two worlds; the medical and social world.

Creating a safe digital space where people can get guidance, support and feel empowered on the bumpy road to parenthood is what drives us. We aim to break the taboo around infertility, normalise talking about it and giving this issue it’s own voice.


With Bumpy we are on a mission to improve mental health and wellbeing of everyone affected. We also want to help people make data-driven choices when choosing a fertility clinic as well as connecting them to others who understand the feelings, processes and experiences that the fertility journey brings and make them understand that they are not alone.


We are in this together!