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Bumpy Ring

 A special piece of jewellery created in collaboration with the fine jewellery brand MumbaiStockholm, representing the bumpy fertility journey many of us go through. This ring aims to empower those going through challenges and acts as a catalyst for more honest and inclusive conversations.

Bumpy-Mumbaistockholm Logo

A ring to mark your journey.


We still live in a society where infertility and miscarriage are taboo, even though it is so common. Experiencing fertility issues and pregnancy loss is often both physically and psychologically challenging, and many experience feelings of isolation and exclusion.


Andrea and Elin, founders of the fertility support app Bumpy, know just how hard this journey can be and discovered that they are far from alone but no one was talking openly about it. Bumpy was born out of personal experiences and the need for appropriate support and a safe space to open up and talk about our fertility journeys. 


With Bumpy, we want to make it easier for people to connect with fertility experts and help them make educated choices when opting for fertility clinics. We also want to foster a community of people who understand the emotions, processes and challenges the fertility journey brings and to help them realize they are not alone.


May this ring remind you that you can get through any challenge your journey brings and that you're not alone. You got this!

The Bumpy Ring
The Bumpy Ring
The Bumpy Ring
The Bumpy Ring – front
The Bumpy Ring – side
The Bumpy Ring – back
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