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Infertility is unfortunately common –
it affects more than 186 million people globally.


Clinically infertility means that you have actively tried to have a child for more than a year, without success. You may also be childless due to the fact that you may be single, live in a same-sex relationship or live in a relationship where the other partner does not want children.


Causes of infertility


Infertility affects men and women equally and there are various causes for this.

About one third of infertility cases are due to issues with the sperm:

  • The sperm may not work properly. There may be too few or there is no sperm in the semen but most of the time the cause is unknown.

  • Infection in the testicle, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

  • Testicles that have not descended into the scrotum.

  • Testis are affected by chemotherapy or radiation at treatment for cancer or other diseases.

  • Testicular function may have been affected by anabolic steroid use.



One third of infertility cases are due to problems in the uterus or the ovaries:

  • Failure to ovulate, for example with PCOS.

  • The fallopian tubes work worse after an infection such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

  • You may have endometriosis.

  • You may have been affected by, for example, radiation or chemotherapy during previous treatment for cancer or other previous diseases.

  • You may have polyps or muscle knots in the uterus or cervix.

  • You may be underweight or severely overweight. Ovulation can be affected by how much you weigh.

  • It may be due to a congenital condition such as Turner syndrome.

One third of infertility cases are due to a combination of issues on the male and female side, or no explanation can be found. Examinations and samples cannot show where the problem might be. It is called unexplained infertility. An investigation includes several different samples and tests. A semen sample is included to investigate whether there is sperm, how much there is and how they move. An examination can also show whether the ovaries, ovulation, fallopian tubes and uterus are working properly. 

If you are experiencing infertility, remember that you're not alone – let's navigate this journey together!

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