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Navigate fertility
together with others

Download the Bumpy app and join our safe and supportive community to connect with others who understand, ask questions and share your journey with confidence.

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Negative Pregnancy Test

1 in 6

people experience



men and women are
equally affected


1 in 4

known pregnancies ​ends in miscarriage

Bumpy Support App

Welcome to Bumpy

Often the best support and answers come from people facing similar challenges. More than 186 million people are experiencing infertility globally, yet this journey can often feel so lonely. Whether trying to conceive, going through treatment, thinking about fertility preservation, navigating the next step or living without children, our community is here to offer support. 



Key feature 1

Find & Review Clinics

Easily find, review and compare fertility clinics with honest opinion

Finding the right fertility clinic
Key feature 2

Support Community

Meet and connect with others who are on similar journeys

Support Community for anyone navigating fertility
Key feature 3

Expert Sessions

Personalised support from experts
at your fingertips

Expert Sessions
Key feature 4
Scientific Information

Knowledge Base

Read scientific information on relevant fertility topics


Why is it important?

Infertility is an ever-important and increasing health issue, yet there is still sensitivity, secrecy and stigma attached to infertility and reproductive health. This has caused many people to go through fertility struggles alone and in silence.

Bumpy was founded on personal experiences of infertility and a genuine understanding of the impact the fertility journey can have on daily life.

With our app, we aim to support you on your bumpy journey by helping you find fertility clinics with honest user reviews, scientific fertility information, access to experts and a supportive community to help navigate fertility issues.

Every fertility journey is unique and Bumpy is here to provide support to all

Heterosexual couples

Same-sex couples

Proactive people



Embark on your fertility journey with confidence and support. Download the Bumpy app now to find the best fertility clinic for you, connect with a compassionate community and access expert advice.    

Bumpy App
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The Bumpy Ring

A ring to mark your journey. 

A special piece of jewellery created in collaboration with the fine jewellery brand MumbaiStockholm, representing the bumpy fertility journey many of us go through. This ring aims to empower those going through challenges and acts as a catalyst for more honest and inclusive conversations.

Bumpy-Mumbaistockholm Logo
Quotation mark

To find a space where people who are in my situation can meet and support one another is exactly what I need.

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Kajsa P., 36 years

The Bumpy App
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